ToshiMon – Best Blockchain Game

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ToshiMon – Best Blockchain Game

TCG nostalgia meets blockchain in Toshimon, a browser-based online battling game that requires the use of non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum platform to act as immutable in-game assets.

Monsters on Ethereum

Toshimon is a browser-based online battling game that requires the use of non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum platform to act as immutable in-game assets.

Players connect their Ethereum wallets to the Toshimon website using Metamask. Once connected, players will launch the game to challenge opponents in the lobby.

Collect Toshimon

Toshimon NFTs are found in Toshimon Packs. Currently, First-Generation packs are only purchasable on secondary markets like OpenSea. Opening each pack is always a delightful experience, you never know what you might find!

Turn-based Battles

Players start by assembling a team of 5 Toshimon NFT cards to use in battle against their opponent. Before the match, players will want to strategically pick their team of 5 based on type advantages/disadvantages, movesets and stat total.

Emerge Victorious

Once each player has selected an action, the Toshimon with the highest speed stat will attack first. This will continue until one player has defeated the other by draining each Toshimon’s HP to 0. The winner is the player with Toshimon remaining.

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ToshiMon – Best Blockchain Game

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