Overleague- Best Blockchain Game

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Overleague- Best Blockchain Game

“Ready. Set. Race! Welcome to Overleague!”

Overleague is a decentralized racing game where the player competes against others by racing futuristic cars. Do you feel the need for speed? Then Overleague is just the game for you. Jump in and race.

However, hours of racing restlessly can make even the most hardcore racers feel tired, then why don’t you try designing your own car? We provide just the right tool for you. Decals, materials, shapes, colors, everything you need to come up with the design that rocks

Furthermore, why stop at racing solo, while you can have others race for you? Buy more cars, build a team, recruit racers, hold a competition, become a collector.

OverLeague is a unique freemium GameFi with a futuristic racing experience and car enthusiast simulation that fits both hardcore gamers and NFT car collectors to enjoy an AAA gaming experience and explore benefits from both online and offline activities.

See you in Overleague!

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Overleague- Best Blockchain Game

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