Incarnate- Best Blockchain Game

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Incarnate- Best Blockchain Game

Incarnate is a play first Free to Earn Tactical Hero Collector played on a fully transformable battlefield with deep mechanics, an expansive story-rich universe, and infinite customization.

The game is accessible on PC/Mac and in the near future mobile. You collect and build champions, assemble your team, and enhance your champion’s abilities. Once you find a build you love, you can then use a Creator Seal to Seal your Incarnate as an NFT, and take true ownership of your characters to sell, trade, or hold.

We are already seeing a seismic shift in the world of NFT gaming, but the vast majority of games in this space are relatively simple from a gameplay perspective. Incarnate has been in development for almost 7 years, and even without NFTs is an esports excitement level game with a world worth spending time in.

Incarnate is a hero collector set in a universe that’s taken over 7 years to design and bring to life. Once the game is in the hands of our players however, it is their story that is being told. We have carefully built a set of tools to show our community that the decisions they make, and the time they spend in Incarnate are owned by them, and have true value.

Go forth and own your FATE!

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Incarnate- Best Blockchain Game

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