Battle Hero- Best Blockchain Game

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Battle Hero- Best Blockchain Game

The Battle Hero project was from the minute 0, to create a NFT game where not only rewarded with coins, if not reward those who spend hours playing, enjoying a fun game, entertaining and above all at the forefront with other games today. This game was developed by and for players.

What sets us apart from the others, is the “All Included” that we provide, where you can enjoy the game in a thousand ways, in a more active way playing every day and opting to be the best in tournaments, leagues, events … or simply putting to enter your characters and visiting the game daily to see your rewards or maybe you just want to play to open these chests and make your team stronger. Remember that Battle Hero, has its own Marketplace, where you can trade, sell, buy any Hero or Weapon with Battle Hero as an intermediary in a quick and easy way.

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Battle Hero- Best Blockchain Game

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